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  • Carless Sunday + mobility week

    Discover the city as you've never seen it before as food stalls, street perfomers and sometimes eccentric eco-friendly modes of transportation take control of Brussels' usually congested avenues. Bikes can be rented from Pro Velo, who have several outlets throughout the city. Car Free Sunday is part of Mobility Week, which aims to highlight the growing problem of urban traffic and its impact on the environment.

    16/09/2009 - 22/09/2009  

  • The worlds of Lanfeust

    One day, Lanfeust, an apprentice blacksmith living in the magic world of Troy, set off on an initiatory quest after having discovered that he had supernatural powers. Like an UFO, “ Lanfeust de Troy” hit bookshops in 1994. Since then, this comic strip series of heroic fantasy, brimming over with humour and inventiveness, has won over the hearts of several million readers. With the complicity of his script writer and creator, Christophe Arleston, the exhibition at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre proposes to discover in a fun and original way the various universes born of this flagship series.

    09/06/2009 - 27/09/2009  

    Centre for Comic Strip Art | rue des Sables 20 Zandstraat - 1000 Brussels MAP

  • BD Comics Strip Brussels 2009

    Brussels, the Comic Strip capital of the world is intent on making 2009 go down in the history of the 9th art. Home to Tintin and Spirou, Lucky Luke and the Smurfs, Brussels has been a breeding ground for an above average number of comic strip talents that have gone on to international stardom. Its famous comic strip trail is being extended in 2009 and several exhibitions, comic strip trails and prestigious events are being held throughout this colourful year.

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